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Beneil Dariush Interview

In this full interview with UFC lightweight Beneil Dariush, the explosive fighter opens up about his fighting mentality, personal struggles and his family past. Beneil Dariush discusses his motivation to succeed in the octagon along with stories about how he became a devoted follower of Christ. Hear from one of the top fighters in the world!

The Assyrian Patriarch  Interview

Mar Awa.jpg

In this interview with His Holiness (HH) Mar Awa III Royel, the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East by Emmanuel Romanous. HH Mar Awa was appointed and ordained as the Patriarch in 2021 and sits down with Emmanuel Romanous in this exclusive interview on Lazy Intellectuals to discuss controversial ethno-political issues about the Assyrian church and people.

J. Esho Interview

j esho thumbnail.png

In this full interview with J. Esho, who is an extremally talented singer, writer, producer and composer, executes his music in multiple different languages such as Assyrian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish and more. Emmanuel Romanous walks through the young song writers catalog of work, moving to America and much more in this exclusive interview.

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